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Wild Rose Oil Serum

Wild Rose Oil Serum


Ingredients: Wild rose oil is a serum infused with organic rose petals, certified organic rosehip oil, cold pressed grapeseed oil, organic eucalyptus.


Our serum elimates dirt & bacteria, soothes the scalp. Formulated for antibacterial, anti inflammatory & emollient properties. If dry itcy scalp is an issue for you , Wild rose serum may be of assistance. Can be used as a massage oil for the scalp or as a hot oil treatment. ( Heat with caution in a microwave safe glass or plastic bowl of warm water) . Do not microwave or heat on stove top!! Glass may shatter & cause injury! Do a patchtest prior to application. (1 oz. bottle)


Directions: Add 1/2 to 1 full vial dropper in the palm of your hand. Massage on scalp for 5-10 minutes. Let sit for 5-8 minutes. Rinse oil out with lukewarm to warm water. Shampoo & condition as usual.


Hot oil treatment- Place glass bottle in warm water for 5 minutes. Test on palm of the hand for temperature check. After desired warmth has been achieved 2-3 drops per section hair , oil can be added to scalp & shaft of the hair. Cover head with plastic cap 5-10 minutes. Rinse hair with lukewarm water. Shampoo, condition, moisturize & style hair as usual.

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