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Lotus Locs was founded in 2000 by Mrs. Dani Master Cosmetologist & loctician.The first time I saw someones hair being braided it was Love at first sight. The Braider happend to be my mother.At the time I was 9 years old living in West Germany.Many People would ask my mother who braided & styled me & my sisters hair. My Mother decided to pass the craft on to me. As the years went on I traveled more & learned more techniques. After Graduating from Cosmetology school in Atlanta,Ga. I decided to focus on Natural Hair. I figured I've been doing Natural hair all of my life,Let me share what I know with others. As a result of furthering my education Lotus Locs was born out of a childhood passion. My ultimate goal is to educate other men & women about their unique hair texture. I would also like to continue to share my art creating styles people will enjoy. If its locs ,braids,twist,afros,big hair, or a weave whatever you do "Rock It With Confidence"! For the the love of hair from your head to my hands!                                       

                                                         Continued Grace&Peace!

                                                         Mrs. Dani Of Lotus  Locs

african american natural haircare

Our Mission

To Provide services and products that enchance our clients natural appearance. We also welcome our clients to a peaceful and serene environment offering mental relaxtion.

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