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Loc Maintenance 

Loc Extensions

loc retwist Gwinette

Micro locs Services are no longer available.

Loc Training Classes             Available Now!

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Loc Extension Season is here!

Loc extensions appointments are now available Nov-Dec 2023.

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Student Pricelist

Men Loc Collage.png

        Student pricing*


Loc retwist & interlocking

      Ages 13-19 Only

    Deposit required

New Client Virtual Consultation required $35

Loc start up-$135.00

Loc retwist 8-10inches $135.00

Loc retwist 12-14inches $145.00

Loc retwist  16-18 inches $165.00

Loc retwist 20-22 inches  $185.00

Loc interlock 8 inches $135.00

Loc interlock 10-12 inches $165

Loc interlock 14-16inches $185

Loc interlock 18-20-inches $200

Services include shampoo,conditioning & scalp oiling.


 Loc styles $20 & Up

Loc braid set $35.00

Loc two strand twist $35.00

Loc bantu knots $35.00

Loc Color $55.00 per color

*We currently do not offer services to children under 13. 

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