Lotus Locs Naturalz - Loc extensions

*Disclaimer - Lotus Locs provides hair for loc extensions.

Prices listed include the cost of human hair. All clients must schedule a consultation with a secured deposit . Deposits are nonrefundable! Prices subject to change for smaller sizes/ lengths.

For additional inquiries please email us or use the contact form on the website. Due to high call volume & clientele increase, emails will be returned within 48 hours of a business day.

Book your appointments on our online scheduling app. Thank you !

Ms. Dani (678) 964-5862 email: Lotuslocs@yahoo.com

All calls made after 6pm will be answered the next business day.  The Salon is closed on Sundays, Mondays  & Wednesdays ( No exceptions! Please refrain from calling or texting Stylist . Thank you.)


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$100.00  consultation Deposit required for this service

We are now offering human hair for this service! 

By appointment only after consultation

( Deposit  due at booking online) Service balance due at service booking with Loctician.

Loc Extensions Human Hair Included
Loc ext. 8" inches - $1,200.00 (10 hrs)
Loc ext. 10" Inches- $1,500.00 (10 hrs)
Loc ext  12" Inches- $1,650.00 (possible 2day session)
Loc ext  14" Inches - $1,800.00(possible 2day session)
Loc ext  16" Inches - $2000.00(2day session)
Loc ext  18" Inches - $2,175.00 (2-3 day session)
Loc ext  20" Inches- $2,5000( 3 day session)
Loc ext  22" Inches- $2,800.00(3day session)
Loc ext  24" Inches-$3,000.00(3 day session)
Loc ext  26" Inches- $3,500.00 (3 day session)

*New pricing for loc extensions hair included! We do not install premade locs! We only install hair that we provide!

(Prices subject to change based on time, size , length & thickness of clients hair.)

An In person Consultation required for this service.
Instant Locs Installation
($100.00 deposit required) (Service may require 2 sessions) Schedule a consultation for further details.
 8 inches- $625.00
10 inches -$725.00

12-inches - $825.00
16-18 inches-$950.00
20-inches- $1200.00

Longer lengths schedule consult with stylist.*
Loc Maintenance
Loc Start-up  $185.00 (1hr 45- 2hours)

Loc Retwist 8-inches $185.00 (1hr. 45mins)

Loc Retwist  10 inches $195.00 (2hours)

Loc Retwist 16- inches $200.00 (2hr. 30 mins

Loc retwist 18 -inches $ 215.00

Loc Retwist 20- inches $225.00

Loc Retwist 22- inches $235.00

Loc Retwist 22-inches $245.00

Loc Retwist 24 -inches $ 265.00

(Loc Retwist includes shampoo, conditioning & oiling of the scalp)

Interlocking (Adult pricing) 
8inches         $ 195.00

10 inches     $200.00 (2hrs)

12-inches     $215.00 (2.5. hrs)

14-inches     $225.00 (2.5 hrs)

16 -inches    $245.00(3hrs)

18-inches        $255.00(3.5hrs)

20 inches        $285.00(4hrs)

22 inches         $325.00(4.5hrs)

Interlocking is a 2hr -4 hr service depending on loc length & Density*
*Prices include shampoo & conditioning & scalp oiling.

Loc styling is excluded.*

Loc styling - $40 & up
Loc braid set $45
Loc twostrand twist set $45
Loc Coloring $90 per color

Loc Shampoo , scalp oiling,condition & Blowdry Service (No Maintenance) 

Loc shampoo service 8 -10 inches $65
Loc shampoo service 12-14 inches $75

Loc shampoo service 16-18 inches $85
Loc Shampoo service 20-22 inches $100

Loc Detox- $65 -30 mins
Loc Detox $85-45mins
(Apple cider Vinegar detox)

Shampoo only service prices do not include maintenance or styling.


Micro locs

(*Installation services are unavailable at this time.)

(Retightening maintenance Only)

8-10 inches $275.00( 2-3hrs)

12-14 inches $300.00 (2-3 hrs)

16-18 inches $350.00( 4hrs)

20-22 inches $450.00( 4-5 hrs)

24-26 inches $525.00(5-6 hrs)

Sisterlocs & Brother locs services are unavailable at this time!

     Student pricing*


Loc retwist & interlocking

      Ages 13-19 Only

   $25 Deposit required

Loc start up-$145.00

Loc retwist 8-inches $145.00

Loc retwist 10 inches $165.00

Loc retwist 12 inches $175.00

Loc retwist 14 inches $185.00

Loc retwist 16 inches $190.00

Loc retwist  18 inches $200.00

Loc retwist 20 inches $225.00

Loc interlock 8 inches $175.00

Loc interlock 10 inches $185.00

Loc interlock 12 inches $195.00

Loc interlock 14 inches $200.00

Loc interlock 16 inches $215.00

Loc interlock 18 inches $225.00


Loc interlock 20 inches $245.00

Services include shampoo,conditioning & scalp oiling.

Loc braid set $40.00

Loc two strand twist $35.00

Loc bantu knots $35.00

Loc Color $75.00 per color

*We currently do not offer services to children under 13. 

Please Read Me!
1) Is there a fee for setting a consultation appointment?

There is a  $25 fee to secure  a consultation appointment.(Non refundable!) For general loc maitnance services. Other services may require a different deposit amount. ( Loc extension services)

2) Do you provide hair?

Lotus Locs only provides human hair for loc extensions. We do not install premade locs.
3) Where are you located? Lotus Locs is located in the Peachtree Corners area.
4) Do you accept Walk -In appointments?

No! We do not take walk -in  appointments. We are a private salon. We also require a 25 min. New Client Consultation before scheduling an appointment with Lotus Locs! ( Consult fee $25.00  25min. max)
5) Why do I have to schedule a consultation before scheduling an appointment?

Lotus Locs requires a client consult to discuss potential clients hair goals & needs. We also like to see the condition of your hair, products use etc. We like to get familiar with potential clients to see if we can be of any assistance to your haircare needs.
6) How can I make an appointment?

checkout our  online scheduling.
website www.Lotuslocs.com
Contact: (678)-964-5862 Ms. Dani
email: Lotuslocs@yahoo.com
7)Can I bring my children?

Children are only allowed in the salon unless they are being serviced. We also have limited space. Please make arrangements for childcare. We do not allow children in the Salon!

8) Is there a deposit required for a loc extension consultation?

Yes .There is a $ 100.00 deposit required for loc extension consultation. The clients loc color, size & length will be discussed. Aftercare will also be discussed during the loc extension consultation.

9) Will clients get instructions on how to prepare for having loc extensions installed?

Yes detailed information will be given during the loc extension consultation. No consultation, no appointment. No deposit ,no service. 

*Thank you! Management.

No Calls after 6:00 pm We are Closed! Your call will be returned the following business day! Please be respectful! No Late calls please!

The Salon is closed on Sundays & Mondays & Wednesdays.
Please refrain from calling or texting the stylist on Sunday & Mondays .

Thank you we appreciate your business.