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Loc Extension appointments now available

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        Huge Savings
Student Spring Discounts

All retwist All Lengths $100.00 For the month of May 2023 only! Students only ages 13-19( Enter code #Hot100
in the booking notes)

At Lotus Locs Naturalz Salon we only offer the highest quality loc maintenance services. Take a look at our service menu below to see the wide range of services options that we offer. Welcome to our luxury loc salon.

fauxlocsspring sale.png property of lotus Locs salon Naturalz salon LLC.

Client provides Hair* Crochete individuals only! Faux locs, Soft Locs, Goddess Locs

Faux Locs - 16-20 inches $200

Faux Locs- 22-30 inches $250

Instant Loc Installation
Virtual Consultation required
 Prices subject to change based on time of service,size, length & thickness of clients hair.
($100.00 deposit required) (Service may require 2 sessions) Schedule a consultation for further details.
 8 inches- $625.00
10 inches -$725.00
12-inches - $825.00
16-18 inches-$950.00
20-inches- $1200.00

Longer lengths schedule consult with stylist.*

Locs Maintenance
Appointment deposit due at booking*
Loc Retwist
Loc Start-up  $135  (1 hr 45- 2hours)
Loc Retwist 8-inches    $135(1hr. 45mins)
Loc Retwist  10 inches  $150 (2hours)
Loc retwist 12 inches    $165 (2 hours)
Loc Retwist 16-inches   $195 (2.5 hours

Loc retwist 18 -inches        $200 .00 (2.5hours)
Loc Retwist 20- inches       $235.00 (3.hours)
Loc Retwist 22-inches        $250.00( 3-4hours)
Loc Retwist 24-26 inches  $325.00-$385.00 ( 4.5hours)
Longer Lengths Consult with loctician
(Loc Retwist includes shampoo, conditioning & oiling of the scalp) Loc Styling not included*


Interlocking (Adult pricing) 
Interlocking 8inches   -$175
Interlocking 10inches- $185

Interlocking 12 inches $ 200
Interlocking 14 inches $225
Interlocking 16 inches $245
Interlocking 18 inches $255
Interlocking 20 inches $265
Interlocking 22 inches $285
Interlocking 24 inches $300
Interlocking 26 inches $325
Interlocking 28-30 inches $375
Longer lengths consult with loctician

Interlocking is a 2hr -4 hr service depending on loc length & Density*
*Prices include shampoo & conditioning & scalp oiling.
Loc styling is excluded.*
Loc styling - $20& up
Loc braid set $45
Loc twostrand twist set $40
Loc Coloring $90 per color

Loc Shampoo , scalp oiling,condition & Blowdry Service (No Maintenance) 

Loc shampoo service 8 -10 inches $55
Loc shampoo service 12-14 inches $65
Loc shampoo service 16-18 inches $85
Loc Shampoo service 20-22 inches $95
Loc Detox- $50 -30 mins
Loc Detox $75-45mins
(Apple cider Vinegar detox)
Shampoo only service prices does not include maintenance or styling.


        Student pricing*


Loc retwist & interlocking

      Ages 13-19 Only

    Deposit required

New Client Virtual Consultation required $35

May Special!! All Retwist $100

Enter Code #Hot100 at booking.

Loc start up-$125.00

Loc retwist 8-10inches $125.00

Loc retwist 12-14inches $145.00

Loc retwist  16-18 inches $165.00

Loc retwist 20-22 inches  $185.00

Loc interlock 8 inches $135.00

Loc interlock 10-12 inches $165

Loc interlock 14-16inches $185

Loc interlock 18-20-inches $200

Services include shampoo,conditioning & scalp oiling.


 Loc styles $20 & Up

Loc braid set $40.00

Loc two strand twist $35.00

Loc bantu knots $35.00

Loc Color $75.00 per color

Loc Detox teens $55 (30mins)

Loc Detox teens $75(1hour)

*We currently do not offer services to children under 13. 

  • Micro loc retightening 8 inches -$285

  •   ($65 per each additional hour)6- 8weeks of regrowth pricing

  • Microloc retightening 10 inches- $395  up to 3 hours ($85 per additional hour

  • 6-8week regrowth pricing

  • Microlocs retightening 12 inches- $495 up to 4 hours  ($90 per additional hour) 6-8week regrowth pricing.

  • Microlocs retightening 14 inches- $625  up to 5 hours each additional hour $95

   *Longer lengths consult with loctician/email:

    *New clients must schedule a consultation.

Micro loc retightening


( With dreadlocking tools -Hourly rates)
This service is for clients that don't want traditional palm rolling or interlocking. This retightening technique uses special dreadlocking tools. (Not crochete/latchhook). New clients must schedule a consultation.


Dreadlocking 8 inches -$125 per hour

Dreadlocking 10-12 inches$135 per hour

Dreadlocking 14-16 inches $165 per hour

Dreadlocking 18-20inches $185 per hour

Service includes shampoo

*Loc styles &Loc detox not included see service list 

Loc Shampoo , scalp oiling,condition & Blowdry Service (No Maintenance)  

Loc shampoo service 8 -10 inches $55

Loc shampoo service 12-14 inches $65 

Loc shampoo service 16-18 inches $85

Loc Shampoo service 20-22 inches $95

Loc Detox- $50 -30 mins

Loc Detox $75-45mins(Apple cider Vinegar detox)

Shampoo only service prices does not include maintenance or styling.

Lotus Locs Naturalz - Loc extensions

*Disclaimer - Lotus Locs provides hair for loc extensions.

Prices listed include the cost of human hair. All clients must schedule a consultation with a secured deposit . Deposits are nonrefundable! Prices subject to change for smaller sizes/ lengths.

For additional inquiries please email us or use the contact form on the website. Due to high call volume & clientele increase, emails will be returned within 48 hours of a business day.

Book your appointments on our online scheduling app. Thank you !

Salon (678)964-5862 

All calls made after 6pm will be answered the next business day.  The Salon is closed on Sundays, Mondays  & Wednesdays ( No exceptions! Please refrain from calling or texting Stylist . Thank you.)


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